Gold & Coin Buying and Selling FAQ: Answers to Your Questions about Selling, Valuation, Bullion, Payment, and More

Welcome to our American Rare Coin & Gold FAQ page! Here are some frequently asked questions with responses that should help you understand our services better:

Selling to American Rare Coin & Gold

  1. Which items are eligible to sell to American Rare Coin & Gold?  We buy a variety of items, including but not limited to: gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, vintage watches, jewelry, sterling & flatware, paper currency, and much more. If you are unsure whether we will buy your item, please contact us.

  2. Could you explain how the selling process works at American Rare Coin & Gold?  To sell your item, simply bring it to one of our locations for a free appraisal. We will assess the item's condition, quality, and authenticity and offer you a competitive price based on the current market value. If you accept our offer, we will pay you on the spot.

  3. How does America Rare Coin & Gold value the items that are sold to them?  We use a variety of methods to determine the value of your items, including their condition, quality, and current market value. We use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure an accurate appraisal.

  4. Would American Rare Coin & Gold be considered the top choice to sell my valuables in Washington?  We offer fair and competitive prices and superior customer service, but we encourage you to check out our reviews before selling your valuables. We are confident you will choose American Rare Coin & Gold to sell your valuables.

  5. What makes American Rare Coin & Gold a trustworthy option for buying and selling gold?  We are a reputable and licensed business with years of experience in buying and selling valuables. We take pride in offering our customers a safe and secure transaction. We also offer free appraisals and competitive prices.

  6. What payment methods does American Rare Coin & Gold accept?  We pay in cash for all purchases under $500.00. We normally offer checks for larger purchases.  If you need a cash payout for a sale of more than $500.00, please call ahead so that we can prepare for the amount you need.

  7. What is the physical address of American Rare Coin & Gold?  We have two locations in the state of Washington; Olympia and Sequim.
Olympia Washington Store - 1025 Black Lake Blvd SW, Olympia, Washington 98502
(Next to Farmers Insurance and across the street from Elephant Car Wash)
Sequim Washington Store - 338 W Washington St, Sequim, Washington 98382
(Across from STIHL Equipment)
  1. During which hours is American Rare Coin & Gold open for business?  Our business hours vary by location. You can find the specific hours for each location on our website or by contacting us.
  2. Is it necessary to make an appointment in advance to sell items to American Rare Coin & Gold?  No, appointments are not required, but they are recommended to ensure a faster and smoother transaction. You can make an appointment on our website or by contacting us.

Buying from American Rare Coin & Gold

  1. Which items are sold by American Rare Coin & Gold?  We specialize in buying and selling a wide variety of valuables, including gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, vintage watches, gold and silver jewelry, and much more. We also carry a selection of bullion items for investment purposes.

  2. What types of bullion items are available for purchase at American Rare Coin & Gold?  We carry a variety of bullion items, including gold coins and bars, silver coins and bars, platinum coins and bars, and palladium coins and bars. We offer competitive prices based on current market values.

  3. Is it possible to view current bullion prices online? Bullion prices change constantly.  To find out the most up-to-date bullion prices, please call American Rare Coin & Gold at (360) 489-1804

  4. Which payment methods are accepted by American Rare Coin & Gold for purchases?  We accept cash, checks, credit cards, debit for all purchases. For larger purchases, we recommend using bank checks or cash.

American Rare Coin & Gold

After many years of appraising gold, jewelry, diamonds and coins, I've learned a lot about what people find most important. Most significant by far is trust. You have my personal assurance that there is absolutely no compromising when it comes to honesty.
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