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We have an A+ rating with the BBB and a nearly perfect 5 star rating on Google and Yelp with over 250 reviews. Please take a look at these reviews as we do not encourage any of our happy customers to write them. We stand by our good, genuine service.

Some people spend hours sorting and organizing their coins. This can sometimes slow the process, so it’s best to let us do this for you. Cleaning coins will decrease their value. However, there is a process offered by NGC and PCGS called “coin conservation”. Only certain coins qualify for this procedure and we will let you know if you have any of these types of coins.
Our Process for Appraising Your Coins, Jewelry, and Other Valuables

First, we organize and sort your coins, jewelry, or other items.

Second, we look for rare coins as determined by the date, mint mark, and quality.

Third, we apply prices for each coin in writing.

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American Rare Coin & Gold provides appraisals at our shop, in your home, bank, or at other locations on request.

  • GIA Level Diamond Appraisal
  • Precious Metal Analyzer - we use the latest technology to inspect and value your jewelry and gold.
  • Knowledge and expertise to grade your coins accurately
  • Tools and experience to guarantee you get paid what your valuables are really worth.
  • Free appraisals on US coin collections
  • Privacy and security for larger appraisals or upon request

The Appraisal Process

  • Sort through coins - organize by value
  • Grade and price rare coins separately
  • Analyze valuables to determine the precise amount of gold, silver, or other precious metals - and show you the results
  • Determine weight in grams - not pennyweight. Weigh all items in your presence - you can see the scale
  • Provide you with a detailed written quote

To make sure you are getting the best appraisal possible, watch for these 10 items:

  1. Does the appraiser have extensive knowledge and expertise?
  2. Does the appraiser use the most efficient tools and equipment for determining the correct gold or silver content?
  3. When the appraiser responds to questions, is it with detail and respect - or is he/she preoccupied?
  4. Does the appraiser show you what each item sold for on e-bay?
  5. Do other customers feel the appraiser was honest and has ethical business practices?
  6. Does the appraiser belong to professional industry trade organizations that demand high ethical standards?
  7. Does the appraiser leave the room with your valuable, to check gold content or diamond clarity, for example?
  8. Is the appraiser organized and detailed?
  9. Does the appraiser provide you a written price for each item?
  10. Is the appraiser in good standing with the Better Business Bureau?

To make sure you are getting the best prices for your valuables, it is always a good idea to get a second opinion.

American Rare Coin & Gold

After many years of appraising gold, jewelry, diamonds and coins, I've learned a lot about what people find most important. Most significant by far is trust. You have my personal assurance that there is absolutely no compromising when it comes to honesty.
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