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American Rare Coin & Gold is your trusted local rare coin dealer.  We have been buying and selling rare coins for more than 24 years.  

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Our coin appraisal process ensures you get full value for your rare coins

When we look at your coins, our main objective is to find any and all of your rare coins.

We set those rare coins aside until we are completely done with all the other items.  Then we check to see what the rare coins have sold for recently.

We use NGC, PCGS, EBay and Worth Point to see past sales history of your rare coins.  From this information, we make you an offer.

And we make sure that offer includes the best prices for rare coins in Olympia.

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American Rare Coin is a Great Place to Buy Rare Coins in Olympia

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Frank took his time and wrote everything down.  He looked at each coin.  He said he was looking for rare dates and wouldn't you know it, he found a 1913-S Quarter that he offered me $2000 for.  You can just imagine how shocked I was especially when you consider the coin store that did the first appraisal didn't tell me about this 1913 quarter.

Elenor W., 5 Star Google Review

I have been a customer of Frank's for almost 3 years now. From my experience he is the most fair and knowledgeable on precious metals and coins that I found in our area. He is always available and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend this business.

Tiffany M.,  5 Star Google Review

Some Common U.S. Rare Coins:

Indian Head Penny

1877-P Indian Head Penny

1908-S Indian Head Penny

1909-S Indian Head Penny

Indian or Buffalo Nickels:

1913-S Var 2. 

1913-D Var 2. 




1936-D Three legged 

Mercury Dime

1916-D Mercury Dime

1921-P Mercury Dime

1921-D Mercury Dime

Lincoln Wheat Penny

1909-S VBD Lincoln Wheat Penny 

1909-S Lincoln Wheat Penny 

1914-D Lincoln Wheat Penny 

1931-S Lincoln Wheat Penny 

1955-DD Lincoln Wheat Penny 


1932-D Washington Quarter

1932-S Washington Quarter

1916-P Liberty State Quarter

1918-S Liberty State Quarter

Two Cents or Three Cents


1864 Two Cent Small Moto

1872 Two Cent

1879-1880 Three Cent (Trime)

Morgan Silver Dollars






Morgan Silver Dollars





All Carson Cities (CC)

Peace Silver Dollars




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