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We buy all forms of sterling silver.

Silverware – forks, spoons, knives

Silver Serving Pieces – carving knife or fork, salad servers, serving fork, ladles, serving spoons, cake knife

Silver Tea Sets, hot water pots, chocolate servers, pitchers

Sterling Trays

Sterling Silver Goblets

Sterling Candelabra

Sterling Vases

Sterling Napkin Rings

Sterling Letter Openers

Sterling Silver Card Holders and Desk Clips

Sterling Cigarette Cases

Sterling Dresser Trays

Sterling Brushes

Sterling Bottles – pill bottles, perfume bottles, powder boxes

Sterling Manicure Sets

Sterling Hair Accessories 

Sterling Shoe Horns

Sterling Infant Cups, Rattles and Christening Items

Sterling Musical Instruments

How Can I Tell if this Silver is sterling?

Sterling silver often bears the mark 925.  The number 925 signifies the item is made of an alloy including at least 92.5% silver.  The remaining 7.5% is often copper.

European silver can be marked sterling even if it is not made of 92.5% silver.  Russian items can be marked sterling when made of 90% silver.  German sterling only needs to contain 80% silver.

If you have questions about your silver, stop by for a professional evaluation.  We are always glad to look at your items and tell you if they are actually sterling silver.

Interesting notes about sterling

The name sterling may be linked to the old Germanic word “ster” which translated roughly to “strong” or “pure”. 

Sterling silver pennies have been around since they were used by Anglo Saxons in about 775 A.D.

The value of sterling is tied to the silver spot price. Antique sterling pieces, decorative items or jewelry may have additional value, of course. 

Where can I sell my sterling silver?

American Rare Coin and Gold is your local sterling silver buyer. 

 Bring your items by the store for a professional evaluation and offer.  Or call and we will visit your location to do a private assessment of your pieces.  Estate appraisals too.

We have been buying and selling sterling silver nearly 25 years.  And we offer the best prices on sterling – always.

Call for an appointment or just stop by – we are always glad to see you!

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